Random Article on Wikipedia Report

by Jasondeuman

This is the process.  I went to Wikipedia’s home page and selected random article.  I really lucked out because today’s random article is about Jonny Lang’s Album Wander This World.

Jonny Lang is a young, white blues guitarist.  His voice however sounds like he’s been gargling gravel while smoking unfiltered cigarettes since he was 3 years old.

Wander This World is Jonny Lang’s third studio album.  I had this album at one time and I remember feeling that it was quite inspired.  I believe he was still in his teens when he recored it.  My first exposure to Jonny Lang was when I saw him on Letterman performing the song Lie To Me from the album of the same name.  I was blown away that such a young person could have such an incredible sound and confidence.

If you would like to read specifically about Jonny Lang go to his wikipedia article.


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