Rando-Pedia: Sir Gaylord

by Jasondeuman

Today’s randopedia entry is about Sir Gaylord

Now, I’m sure just like all of you, when I saw the entry I was concerned I was going to going down a road that I would regret.  Imagine my relief to find that Sir Gaylord in fact is not all the things my 7th grade brain thought he was.  Instead Sir Gaylord was a race horse.  He was the half brother to Secretariat.

Going into the 1961 Kentucky Derby Sir Gaylord was a favorite, but he suffered a hairline fracture in his sesamoid bone, effectively ending his racing career.

Having raced with a record of 10-0-4 he was retired to serve as a stud horse.  Which as far has horse retirement goes that sounds like a much better alternative to this.

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