Rando-Pedia: POLIO! Let’s Stop It!

by Jasondeuman

Hilary writing down some more brilliant thoughts

Today’s Rando-Pedia (random-wikipedia article) is about Hilary Koprowski who was the inventor of the first live Polio Vaccine.

I for one am glad that Hilary didn’t use his rage at having a girls name for destructive purposes.  Instead if aimed all of that pent up frustration towards one of the worst diseases in the world.  Thanks Hilary.

Koprowski is a Polish man of Jewish descent and fled to Rome when the Nazi Party began to dominate.

Koprowski’s original vaccine was administered orally.  Jonas Salk would later develop an injection vaccine.

The downside to Koprowski’s research is that “British journalist Edward Hooper publicized a hypothesis that AIDS was inadvertently caused in the late 1950s in the Belgian Congo by Koprowski’s research into a polio vaccine.” This has largely been rejected by the scientific community though.  Common Edward Hooper.  What a downer.

Thanks Hilary!

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