Rando-Pedia: Ultimate Soccer Arenas

by Jasondeuman

When I saw the title of this random wikipedia article on Ultimate Soccer Arenas I was greatly delighted. I was then quickly un-delighted.  I thought that this was going to combine my two least favorite sports, Ultimate Fighting and Soccer, into one mega sport with thunderdome-ish results.  This would be the ultimate in elimination of two plagues on our society, Ed Hardy wearing UFC fans who want to tell everyone about how a particular fighter can really tough it out when it comes to ground and pound and hipsters who like soccer because it’s not any of the other more popular sports.  I was experiencing euphoria just reading the headline because surely this must be what Ultimate Soccer Areans is all about.

These guys








These guys


Imagine my dissappointment then to discover that this is in fact just a really big indoor soccer arena.  Of couse because it is claiming to be the ultimate soccer arenas that can only mean it is the last one right?  There is no where to go from here for soccer arenas.  So I guess that’s the silver lining to this rain cloud.

Legal Disclaimer (read it super fast like the micromachines guy):  these views do not reflect the views of all members of Super Secret Base.  If you like Soccer of UFC you can still listen to Super Secret Base.  If you are in anyway upset by the content of the post, maybe it’s time to examine your own life style choices.


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