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Postby kristie » Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:55 pm

Loved this one. I liked the artwork and I really liked the story. Time-loops are such a fun jumping-off point for discussions of fate vs free will. In Bioshock Infinite, they discuss Constants and Variables and how now matter how many times you go back and try to make different decisions, some things will always happen no matter what choice is made. It's Doctor Who's "Fixed Point in Time" theory (a plot device that Steven Moffat gleefully latched onto to write the Ponds off the show...but I digress) where certain things have to happen to launch the next events that then lead to the invention of Time Travel, which then leads to you going back in time and becoming your own grandfather.

(Wow. It got nerdy in here. Comics, Doctor Who and Futurama in one post? Yes!)

I also liked the father/son dynamic. While I don't have that particular relationship with my father, I do still have the same kind of love for him and disappointment in the way he failed me. We all struggle with that. But, part of being an adult is learning to accept your parents as humans - flawed and fragile, but most of all, family.
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